Vision & Values

Our mission statement is represented by our motto
'Inspiring Futures' and is founded on the following key values

This trust has developed in response to a request from the Regional Schools Commissioner to expand a strong network of high performing academies, trusts and sponsors in the North East. The initial interest is in primary schools that would like to convert to academy status and join a trust.

It is expected that schools who join the trust will embrace the following four strategic aims of the founder member Macmillan Academy.

The Pursuit of excellence in teaching & learning

We want to expose our students to a wide range of quality teaching and learning experiences in order to create adaptability throughout life.

Developing a whole education

Our vision for education is about more than just passing examinations. Our students are exposed to diverse and distinctive experiences through a range of curricular and co-curricular activities which help to develop lifelong interests.

Promoting student health & wellbeing

We want students to be healthy and understand how to stay healthy so we empower them to make the right choices to achieve this. Our students are safe, happy and valued. They feel well supported and have a sense of belonging.

Inspiring students for future employment.

Our students develop essential skills and receive clear guidance to prepare them for their lives beyond school. We ensure that all students receive face-to-face careers advice and support throughout their time with us.


While the areas contained in our mission will apply to every trust school, the intention is to enable schools with strong identities to retain their uniqueness while becoming part of a collaborative trust. This will permit the sharing of resources in a cost effective manner and to grow using the expertise of the combined organisations.

The trust has strong links with other North East partners – trusts with a similar ethos, higher education providers, Schools North East and the National Citizenship Service.

Given the area in which the trust operates there is a premium placed on high aspiration and expectations for the students who are encouraged to widen their horizons through a careers education and guidance programme supported by local industrial and commercial partners.

Other core values include improving health and emotional wellbeing of the young people and assurance that, from whatever background, all students achieve their potential. There will be a relentless pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning and school leadership.

The Partnership Vision

Strategic decision making will ensure that the partnership schools can deliver shared expertise, value for money and the opportunity for staff to work creatively across the schools.

Central to the experiences offered by the partnership of schools will be:

  • Establishing outstanding leadership within a supportive culture.
  • Having an ambition that all schools will be good or outstanding.
  • A commitment to community regeneration where students, staff and the local community are proud to belong.
  • Perfecting a ‘can do’ attitude in highly qualified, committed and motivated teaching and support staff.
  • Sharing approaches to both primary and secondary experiences.
  • Developing students who have confidence, capacity and enthusiasm for life- long learning.

Staff & Students

Staff in the trust are marked by their commitment to students in their care, their inspiring teaching and their willingness to support in the classroom but also creating extracurricular experiences in which students can engage.

In turn students in the trust take a pride in their learning, attend regularly and seek the highest possible outcomes of which they are capable.